Music is for All Ages

Music is for All Ages

Lauren PesinMonday,5 January 2015

What do you think about a 90 year old passionately bass thumping to rap, or cougars who profess their love of boy bands? What is society’s take on the tween boy enthralled by gentlemen crooners or a 30 year old man who loves girl pop songs?

Let us review a few musicians that represent a variety of genres.

One Direction – “THE” boy band; five British man cubs ranging in age from 20 to 23.

Bing Crosby – Legendary crooner, famous for White Christmas and scores of popular musicals that he starred in from 1934 to 1954.

Eminem (aka Slim Shady) – 42 year old controversial and foul mouthed rapper full of anger and heartbreak.

Selena Gomez – 22 year old pop singer and former Disney star.

Full disclosure: I love boy bands. I make no apologies.

This topic is in response to this situation I often find myself defending. I’ve seen, cried over, and semi-stalked New Kids, Backstreet Boys, and more. I’ve loved almost every Disney and Simon Cowell manufactured band since I was old enough to watch the Disney channel.

Of late, my focus of said love happens to be One Direction. Since I’m old enough to have given birth to them, some have called it weird and even wrong.

What really kicked up the mocking was when I went to a One Direction concert. I was with my teenage niece, so it didn’t seem that bizarre. However, I noticed parents swigging overpriced crap beer to escape their crazed 1D loving teens and some parents watching the show emotionless. Meanwhile, the fans (including me) danced, laughed, and lived every note. This got me to thinking. Is it wrong to love music when you don’t fit in with the crowd?

Boy bands are not the only fan-to-band mismatch.

How about a 12 year old boy who loves Bing Crosby? What if this kid hums White Christmas and his iPod is filled with crooners, including Sinatra and Buble? What if this kid loves Barry Manilow? Would society see him as strange? Would he be forced to hide his music likes?

What about a 90 year old lady who loves Eminem? What does society think of a blue hair rapping high volume lyrics laden with curse words and the trials of sex and the streets? Is it acceptable for this woman to sing when she’s alone? What about if she goes to rap shows packed with mid-twenties fans?

How about a 35 year old man who loves the music of Selena Gomez? Would society be fine with him listening to her at home? How about if this man went to her concert? Would opinions change if the audience was full of teenage girls?

In my random poll of society, I discovered a few things. It’s generally more acceptable if you are female to appreciate males musicians of any age. Society accepts it more if you like older versus younger music than you. It’s generally viewed as strange (creepy) if you are a much older male who likes young female musicians. People judge you and what music you like. They really do.

The problem as I see it is that society thinks if you love a musician, you want to bang them. They are wrong! I want to be clear about this. When you are a fan, it doesn’t mean you want to have sex with them. You can in fact, just really like the music.

Do I think these rules are right? NO! In fact, I dismiss them. I reject these societal judgments. People of all genders and ages should be free to enjoy music of any kind. Whatever music touches your heart, brings you joy, or makes you feel, should be celebrated. Music transcends age, so fuck you society. I love One Direction.

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