Have You Heard of the Ex You?

Have You Heard of the Ex You?

Adriana SaboThursday,18 December 2014

The Snap:

Of course, I already know the answer to my own question from the title. No, you haven’t heard about the Ex You, mostly because they have only recently started playing and also, since they like keeping it mysterious and seem to enjoy the fact that they only exist on Bandcamp. So this is where my curiosity and my professional deformation — that manifests itself mostly through the enjoyment of writing about those who like to hide in plain sight — kicked in, and I just had to listen to the music made by these guys who chose an x-ray picture of a frog for the cover image of their debut, self-released and self-titled album. The Ex You — Milan Milojković  (electronics), László Lenkes (guitar) and Filip Đurović (drums) — come from a town in Serbia, in the Eastern part of Europe, and the music they play is not something you hear every day.

The Download: 

So, Ex You by the Ex You is described by band as “experimental, free improvisation, no wave.” And once again, my strategy of “When in doubt, turn to band’s own tags” proved useless, since, first of all, these tags are as broad as they get (as tags usually are) and, on the other, due to the fact that Ex You interprets them in a unique and completely unexpected way. The first impression you get after only seeing the Bandcamp page is that they are quite insistent on being underground. The songs on their first release have no titles, just roman numbers, from I to IV. They also last for quite a while and each track seems to have its own narrative, a unique story to tell. The Ex You seem to understand the word “experimental” quite literally, since all four tracks are basically an experiment in seeing just what can be done with the guitar, drums and all kinds of electronically produced noises and synth-like sounds.

All four tracks are mostly meditative and slow-passing, which means that all you have to do is close your eyes and concentrate deeply on what you hear. Mind you, the mood you are in must be just right in order to be able to follow what they do and get their point. You also need to be really, really patient and open minded in order to understand what they have to say. What makes their music so interesting is the fact that they constantly fail to meet the expectations you have when you listen to music. You don’t hear a melody that you can sing, nor are there loud masses of sound, whose color and shape are being changed throughout the tracks (which is something you come to expect from experimental music). Every instrument does its own thing, but they fit together perfectly. The separate lines are meticulously shaped, yet you still feel that they improvised a better part of every song.

The Ex You is definitely a nice refreshment in the world of bouncy melodies and fast rhythms. Just make sure that you listen to Ex You when you are feeling thoughtful or even melancholic. They will open up a whole new sound universe for you.

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