Flowchart: The Non-Douchebag’s Guide To LinkedIn Connections

Flowchart: The Non-Douchebag’s Guide To LinkedIn Connections

Shane BarnhillTuesday,16 December 2014

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In case you haven’t heard, LinkedIn is the new resume. It’s the first place that would-be employers go to dig up info on you when you’re a candidate for a new job (don’t worry, they’re also creeping your Facebook and Twitter profiles). But job hunting and scouting prospective new hires is not all LinkedIn is good for; it’s also a great tool for networking, conveying your industry expertise, and nurturing professional relationships.

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These relationships on LinkedIn start out as simple connections, but to make them, you have to nail the art of connection requests. There are some basic Dos And Don’ts about connecting on LinkedIn that you should be aware of, and perhaps the most important one is this: Don’t ever, ever, ever use LinkedIn’s default text when sending a connection request. Seriously, it only takes 10 seconds to personalize your message. Friends will appreciate the personal touch, and new acquaintances may need you remind them about how you met.

There are other factors you need to consider when connecting, and so we’ve put together a handy flowchart (below) to help guide you through LinkedIn connections going forward. Just beware: we can’t help you if you’re a douchebag.


The Definitive LinkedIn Flowchart

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