Do You Care Who’s President?

Do You Care Who’s President?

Lauren PesinMonday,15 December 2014

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Do you care? Do we care? Does anybody care? If voting is an indication, than the answer is a resounding no. Voter turnout for the midterm elections in November 2014 was reported to be an embarrassing 36.3 percent. If a random sampling of family, friends, assorted strangers, and one house pet are an indication, than the answer falls more into the “it depends” category. What determines a yes or no depends on the person’s understanding, belief, or doubt in the U.S. executive branch.

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What or how much influence does the President really have on the issues we care about? In general people care about: the economy (will I have a job, be able to feed my family, and have nice toys); security (will criminals run wild in the streets or terrorists blow stuff up); and freedom (is my right to privacy and freedom of movement protected and are our social stances, such as racial and gender equality, supported by our legal system). If we believe the President has the power to influence these issues, then we care who the President is. If we believe that the President has little to no power over these things, then we don’t care.

It is regrettable that most people in this country don’t understand our political system and each person’s role and potential power to influence long lasting changes in our country. It is however hopeful that some people do care.

Arguably, our choice of President does matter.

The U.S President matters for many reasons. For example, President Obama has appointed nearly 300 federal judges, including two Supreme Court justices. Simply put, the President’s ability to choose Supreme Court justices alone makes the President worth caring about.

Why are Supreme Court justices so important?

Supreme Court justices may not seem as important today as when they once decided the fate of women’s reproductive systems, racial and gender equality, or the legality of Japanese internment camps, but the cases of today and certainly of tomorrow will be as lasting and significant to how our society lives. Recently, the Supreme Court decided on cases related to prayer, cell phone searches, contraceptive coverage; they’re also contemplating cases regarding religious freedoms, free speech, and same sex marriage.

Supreme Court justices decide on how and what changes our society will deny or accept. Every U.S.President that has chosen a Supreme Court justice has or will impact how people live. Freedom, technology, religion, life and liberty are decided on by the President through the choices they make regarding judicial appointees.

We should not only care, but we should choose the President wisely.

Subsequently, it may be fortunate that most people don’t vote, because the masses are generally uninformed (a.k.a. stupid). If the masses did vote, who knows who we would have in the White House or in the Supreme Court?

Perhaps I only speak for the small sampling of those I asked or perhaps more people care than I know. I hope the latter is true. My thoughts focus on the implications as filtered through my acknowledged idealistic view of the law. However many reasons exist as to why we should care about the President. For now the question remains. Do you care who is President? If not, should you?


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