Joyce Manor Splits an EP with Toys That Kill!

Joyce Manor Splits an EP with Toys That Kill!

Adriana SaboWednesday,10 December 2014

The Snap: 

Joyce Manor can nowadays be considered classics. Or at least they made a name for themselves in the world of alternative music. As the band notes on their website, “Joyce Manor was conceived in the back of a car in the Disneyland parking lot—the kind of beginning California dreams are really made of. It was the fall of 2008 over a bottle of cheap booze when co-founders Barry Johnson (guitar, vocals) and Chase Knobbe (guitar) decided to team up. They formed a power violence band where everyone would have Johnny Thunders-style glam-names”. They were later joined by Kurt Walcher on drums and Matt Ebert on bass and they have been having fun and making music ever since. The description that best matches their music is pop punk. Yes, they are one of those bands who are embellishing the “ugly” side of punk. The nice rebels. The punks who enjoy catchy melodies. They’ve been busy lately and have released a whole 8 minute long Split EP (published by recessrecords) that was obviously intended to tease us and leave us waiting for more. The other band featured on the EP is Toys That Kill and I must say, these two go together perfectly.

The Download:

“Size does not matter” proves to be accurate yet again, because you’re in for one hell of a (8-minute long) ride on this release. As the band members pointed out, “There are broken homes, drunken nights, faltering relationships and the kind of numbness that makes you want to feel anything at all, even if it hurts.” And all that is coupled with pop melodies and a strangely positive vibe, which possibly makes the “punk effect” of their music even stronger. With this split EP, Joyce Manner and Toys That Kill have made an instant hit that can be played over and over again on radio stations, in cars, on iPhones, smartphones and basically everywhere else. Joyce Manor’s last album, titled Never Hungover Again, leaned a bit more heavy on “the pop side of things” with the general atmosphere being more melancholic and emotional. By contrast, this Split EP brings about the wild and crazy side of Joyce Manor.

The first track – “Tame” – especially stands out, bringing about that rebellious, jumping around, in-your-face attitude we loved and cherished during the punk era. Now, I can’t help but mention Toys That Kill (even though I was determined to focus on the other boys), since they did contribute to the EP just as much as Joyce Manor, but also because their music totally kicks ass. It was an excellent choice of recessrecords to make this Split EP that has so, so much potential. Both bands are showing a lot of energy, technical mastery as well as creativity. They both make you jump up and down and all around and they will both put a smile on your face.

This Split EP is definitely a mood lifter and it will brighten up your day. Especially if the view out of your window is as gloomy as mine!

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