(This is Not) a Bad Sign

(This is Not) a Bad Sign

Adriana SaboThursday,4 December 2014

The Snap:

“Nomen est omen”, claims the old Latin saying. Or, as we could say today, “name is the omen,” or (in this occasion) better yet, it is a sign. So, when I see that the band Bad Sign released a new EP and that it’s titled Destroy, my attention is immediately drawn to it. Then I see that their Facebook page labeles their music simply as “rock,” which makes me visit the Youtube channel and be instantly blown by how excellent this music is. To be clear, what this Croydon-based trio plays is so much more than rock. This music is harsh, energetic, progressive and really close to what can be called alternative metal. And at certain points, you feel the incredible surge of energy you get only from HC. So if you are a fan of the aggressive sound that never gives up on the melodic component, Bad Sign is the band for you!

The Download: 

Destroy is the EP that Bad Sign released just a year after their debut, “de l’amour,” and the comparison shows that these guys are committed to the sound they originally envisioned (at least when it comes to official releases).

The opening track is also the single off the EP, titled “Confession.” As the song that introduces the “destruction,” it is made to catch your ear and show you just what they can do. All three — Joe Appleford (Vocals/Bass), Jonathan Harris (Guitars) and Kevin Miller (Drums) — show fantastic technique and great creativity. The next track “The Recidivist” continues in total the course established at the beginning, adding to the original expression a somewhat more brooding and thoughtful feel. Appleford’s vocal abilities really shine through in this track, showing a superb ability so switch registers and moods. The word repetitive comes to mind as the term that might best describe what they do. But not pointless or mantra-like repetition, but rather the one you enjoy headbanging to. “Father” is more emotional and is played with a lot of love. It would seem that their music is aimed at teenagers, especially those who like to think of themselves as rebels. This particular track brings about some heavy stuff, since it’s directed at the father who left his family: “Heaven is Empty/For You I will Not Shed a Tear/You’ll Burn for What You Did! Father.” (Talk about a healthy way to express your anger!)

“Faith” is simply sublime. Huge waves of sound are crashing over you: you feel small, but are fascinated at the same time. Out of that mass, you hear the voice, commanding and powerful. You can’t avoid shuddering. But that is just the beginning of the end, as the gran finale comes with the title track, “Destroy.” It takes the EP to a whole new level and shows the true potential of Bad Sign that was — believe it or not — just hinted in previous tracks. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Bad Sign is definitely a band that deserves more credit than they get. The kids (and the somewhat bigger kids) today need more of these. So keep up the good work, guys!

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