The Brooding Rock’n’Roll of the Helen Earth Band

The Brooding Rock’n’Roll of the Helen Earth Band

Adriana SaboThursday,20 November 2014

The Snap: 

Helen Earth Band is, in short, a rock band (imagine that). Further more, they are a rock band from San Diego, California, comprised out of Adam Allen, Marc Allen, Trevor Vieweg. There is a description of what they do that can be found on Bandcamp and it states: “Having played in bands ranging from Counterfit to Finch to Weatherbox, the members of Helen Earth Band have a vast and storied history. The group is one of those rare musical entities that appeal to both the musician and the music listener. The San Diego-based band combines powerful melodies with a striking depth creating music that is accessible, yet tastefully complex.” Now, they recently released an album titled We Fucking Quit and what follows is something of a record of my hunt for those powerful melodies combined with a striking depth, they mention.

The Download: 

I must say, they did a big part of my job for me, telling me what to expect from their music. I go back to the already-mentioned description: “Helen Earth Band chases symmetry and pushes their music to the pinnacle while using space and restraint to broaden the dynamics within each song. The band abounds with complex rhythms, textured guitar, intertwining harmonies, and atmospheric undertones.” And indeed they do. The music they play is strongly rooted in rock’n’roll, the best description of it possibly being indie rock. They don’t shy away from pop mannerisms, mostly in the vocal line and the lyrics, blending them greatly with the rawer sound of R’n’R. In this way, they ensure that the audience will feel pleasant while listening to their music and at the same time, they appeal to those who see themselves as rebellious and free spirited.

We Fucking Quit is a collection of eleven tracks that cover the wide range of moods, atmospheres, different energies and different states of mind. The album starts strongly, with “Anchor,” a vibrant, energetic track, that is followed by the equally strong “Call Out” and “Castaway.” The third song especially reflects some hidden melancholy that sometimes bursts through the notes that Helen Earth Band plays. “Temperature Rising”continues on this road, only to be suddenly interrupted by “Coping Mechanisms,” a great rock track that brings more disperse textures and a deeper contrast between the layers. “Remind Me Why” and “Pieces” are more ballad-like, revealing the softer side of the Helen Earth Band, while “Titan” hits you right in the guts with the almost hard-rock sound, strong beats and a fair amount of aggression. “Mazes” brings you down again, “Sleep Creature” lifts your spirits a bit and “Curtain Call” finishes the album as a track that combines a raw guitar sound with sad and maybe nostalgic undertones.

We Fucking Quit thus explores the various states of mind and mixed emotions. I’m still not sure how strikingly deep these songs are, but I do Think that Helen Earth Band members intend to play the card of mysterious, somewhat depressed rockers, thus making music that is appealing to both girls and boys, musicians and non-musicians. They are definitely a  band worth checking out, their music is well thought-through, well rehearsed and is there for your enjoyment. So go ahead! Enjoy!

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