Watch Out for “The Gunslinger”

Watch Out for “The Gunslinger”

Adriana SaboFriday,14 November 2014

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The Lazlo Device is a band from London that makes some really interesting music that is kind of hard to describe. Luckily, I love challenges. Members of The Lazlo Device are Leo Fenn (drums), Mark Litobarski (guitar/keys), Dan Murdoch (bass/vox) and Ross Saunders (guitar/keys). They are inspired by music of Mogwai, Wild Beasts, Grizzly, Stateless, Four Tet, The Beta Band Bear, and Elbow etc., and they present listeners with a really interesting blend of influences, sounds and moods. The band makes music that is a really great example of the world we live in, of our tastes and our likes: they have something for everyone, yet they steer clear from kitschy strategies of throwing everything you’ve got at the listener at the same time.

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Recently, The Lazlo Device released an EP, titled The Gunslinger. It is comprised of three songs and it’s quite impressive that they managed to say a lot with just three tracks while at the same time, not saying too much. “Gunslinger,” is the title track and it introduces the EPs amazing vibe, established fro the very beginning through the contrast of the sound of a guitar and of the keys. The texture is particularly interesting to follow. It evolves slowly, reaching a climax near the middle of the track and then going back to the simpler sound established at the start. Guitar arpeggios are followed by the keys, then by the voice, with the drums and the second guitar adding to the ecstatic feel during the climax. “Evocativor” is faster, a bit more bouncy, but at the same time somewhat calmer than the first track. It sounds like a very driven rock ballad, that passes though a number of bigger or smaller climaxes. The instruments are in perfect accord, as The Lazlo Device obviously intended to present the highest degree of musical unity with this track. The last one, “Mantra,” leans a bit more to the experimental side of music, introducing regular beats that are repeated throughout and openly alluding to the concept of a mantra. Electronic sound dominates this song, making a reference to the minimalist electronic music. It is quite different from the first two, yet — like mantras themselves — it catches your ear and talks to the inner, wild you, telling you to move your body, dance or jump, calling you to let yourself be taken by the rhythms and the beats.

The general atmosphere of  The Gunslinger EP points to the darker sides of our psyche. The one that is easily depressed, that gets angry and wants to smash things that surround you. It has something of a dark aura, that is, on the other hand, quite pleasant to the ear. It is not melodic, or bouncy or happy, nor is it whiny or tortured. The Gunslinger EP will calm you down — for what ever reason — and make you look at life with rational eyes. And there is not much of this type music to be found.  Great job, guys!

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