Art of Pop: Mood Mechanics

Art of Pop: Mood Mechanics

Adriana SaboFriday,7 November 2014

The Snap: 

Mood Mechanics is a three piece band from North Carolina. They describe themselves as an indie rock band, consisting of Denis Desloge, Brian Obernesser and Logan Tabor. They came together in 2010, when they worked as a long distance recording project. Even though Obernesser and Tabor lived in different cities, they still managed to write and record their first independent release, titled Manzari. Last year Mood Mechanics released four songs under the joint title The Cool Uncollected Sessions, and now, they came back with a a seven-song EP titled Once A Mountain. As any serious band that means serious business, they are easy to find on the internet. Their Facebook page offers many details about their life path and their music, which they describe as “a unique blend of nineties and modern indie rock” and add that “The band offers an organic sound with rich texture and temperamental dynamics.”

The Download:

The music industry has never been a fair place. The only rules that apply are those of the music market and they are constantly changing. But one thing that can be seen as a constant in the last hundred years or so is the fact that people prefer to listen to music that is not too complicated, music that is melodic and has some kind of a hook that will make it stand out from the rest. This is precisely why pop music is called pop music. Now in this sense, Mood Machines are a great example of musicians who are aware of the way the market works and are ready to negotiate the terms put in front of them by the industry.

This is why I believe their music is best described as indie pop (not rock as they themselves say). Just like the musicians they sound like — Radiohead, Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age, Beck, Peter Gabriel — they are strongly rooted in pop, with an occasional break into a more rock-like sound. Once a Mountain is, for example, a collection of seven songs, mostly ballads, melancholic but energetic at the same time. I must say that they all sound quite similar to one another, presenting much of the same mood.

As you listen to the album, you can actually see the members of the band, walking through a park at sunset, with the whole picture being filtered through Instagram tools. They really are Mood Mechanics, as they paint the picture of the ambiguous feeling that stands between melancholy, sadness, nostalgia and some strange sense of calm and even happiness. What they do, they do fantastically. Very well rehearsed, every note they play is just where it’s supposed to be, filters and effects are used logically and they don’t overdo anything. Once a Mountain is a classical indie rock/pop album that proves that Desloge, Obernesser and Tabor did their homework. They are perfectly familiar with what people like and they give it to them in a great form!

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