Watch: Arcade Fire, ‘Festi’

Watch: Arcade Fire, ‘Festi’

Leigh MichaelTuesday,4 November 2014

The Snap:

Arcade Fire just released Festi, a 21-minute ode to Halloween [watch below]. The bizarre film, which could best be described as a horror flick, is loosely centered around the band’s 2011 tour.

It’s also a feast for the eyes of music fans: Fleet Foxes, Peter Gabriel, The National, James Murphy, and even our new Spiderman Andrew Garfield (starring as… you got it! Spiderman!) are all featured in the film.

The Download:

Will Butler is turning 27. But instead of celebrating, the band’s percussion/guitar/base/synthesizer/jack-of-all-trades member is trying to avoid joining the doomed 27 Club. The ghost of Jim Morrison stars as the phantom bent on making Will an unwilling addition to his posse. Slashing, grainy footage, Guns ‘n Roses and Bob Marley tracks ensue.

Sound strange? It is. And also definitely worth watching if you’ve got twenty minutes to devote to the weird and the wonderful.

Arcade Fire specializes in this off-beat performance art, and it’s no surprise that they managed to turn some tour reels into a weird, twisted nugget of a fledgling film. If Festi gets you on an Arcade Fire kick, here are a few of the other productions that the band has cooked up in the past:

Sprawl II Dance Party (Groove out to the band’s 2011 track… Or manipulate the screen to do it for you)

The Wilderness Downtown (The band guides you on a trip down memory lane as you run through your childhood hometown… With Arcade Fire providing the soundtrack, naturally)

Black Mirror (Become the filmmaker for the band’s 2007 track)

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Hat Tips:

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