Watch/Listen: Jackson Browne, Tiny Desk Concert

Watch/Listen: Jackson Browne, Tiny Desk Concert

Leigh MichaelMonday,27 October 2014

The Snap:

Jackson Browne just released In the Breach, his thirteenth studio album. It’s a record that “fully captures his rare ability to mix activism with poetry.” You can nab the album on iTunes or Amazon. Don’t miss out on a slice of live heaven with his recent Tiny Desk Concert [watch below], too.

P.S. Did you know that he wrote “These Days” for the Velvet Underground?

The Download:

I’d heard Jackson Browne plenty of times growing up, but it wasn’t until I was on the college prowl with my mom that I really heard him. The opening instrumentals of “Nothing But Time” competed with the sound of our car’s open windows as we were heading home from a school up in Maine back to our house in New Jersey. I was big on signs — and the song’s lyrics (Rolling down 295 out of Portland, Maine / Still high from the people up there and feeling no pain / Gonna make it to New Jersey, gonna set it up and do it again) seemed like a big sign.

There were a lot of factors that led me to spend the next four years in the Pine Tree State, but I think that Browne’s song was another nudge along that pathway. He seems to have that power. There’s something about his languorous playing style, about the way that his voice sounds like he just thought of the lyrics off the top of his head. He’s each listener’s own private minstrel. Or at least that’s how it feels when you’re listening to him.

This Tiny Desk Concert might not offer something revolutionary, but it’s a pleasant way to pass 20 minutes. Enjoy the bookcase background, listen to a few of your old favorites, and feel thankful that we’ve got almost half a century of music from this very talented guy.

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Tiny Desk Concert, Image Credit: Flickr

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