T25 Update – Finished Alpha

T25 Update – Finished Alpha

Matt HealeyMonday,27 October 2014

The Snap:

Today I finished the alpha section of the T25 workout series. I know that I mentioned that the next update would come after week 3 of the beta section, but I changed my mind and am doing an update after the end of alpha.

The Download:

Because of travel, I had to re-arrange my days off. For example in week 4, I missed Thursday and Friday, so I just did those workouts on Saturday and Sunday respectively. A similar thing happened in week 5. Regardless, I did finish all of the alpha workouts. Here is the overall review.

I never made it through a Total Body Circuit workout without having to modify the exercises. This time, it was the pushups. I have no upper body strength since my recreational activities are running, cycling, hiking, skiing, etc. All leg based workouts. So the pushups killed me. I also have 6 staples holding my left shoulder together so I tend to try to protect it a bit. I was able to make it through every other workout without modifying by the end. The Lower Body Focus and Speed 1.0: I was able to make it through on the first try. Cardio took a few tries; and Abs (I hate abs): I was able to make it through in week 3 or 4 – I can’t remember.

So now it is on to beta. I will let you know what happens after week three.

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