Why Best Buy Sucks

Why Best Buy Sucks

Matt HealeyThursday,16 October 2014

The Snap:

Recently we decided to buy a new TV. The old one was about 14 years old and while it worked, it was not ideal. It was heavy and bulky. So we went to Best Buy to replace it with a 4K Sony 50 inch LED.

The Download:

Of course there is more to the story since buying a new TV is not really blog worthy. Although given some of my other topics, it might be. Regardless, as I said we bought a 4K TV but the one they give us was a standard HD TV. So problems. Especially because the one they gave us was about 1/3 the price of the one we paid for. Under normal circumstances, this would not be a big deal. We would just drive back to the store and change it out. The problem was it was a Saturday and we had dinner plans in Boston that evening, and I was going to see the Maze Runner with friends also in Boston that afternoon. I also really wanted to get into the gym for an hour on the bike before the movie. By giving us the wrong product, Best Buy destroyed that plan. The added hour it would take to box up the TV, go back to the store and change it out meant that I would have to skip the gym, the movie or dinner. I ended up having to skip the gym.

The problem, and the reason I now hate Best Buy and will never set foot in one again, is that right now the workouts are the only thing in my life that is going well. My job sucks and I hate it. We are not achieving the growth targets that they want and so they have taken to management by belittlement. Spend all of your time telling the employees that they suck and they work is substandard. Because that is the way to motivate people to care about the job. We are having problems with the person who is building the house in Boston and I am not sure if or when that will ever get done. So, against all of this, at lease I could keep focusing on the fact that the workouts were continuing without interruption. So when Best Buy fucked me, that fell apart as well.

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