Chain of Fools

Chain of Fools

Adrienne BoettingerThursday,16 October 2014

The Snap:

For all our complaining about email, most of us are still slaves to those tiny red circles at work, at home or on our smarter-than-us phones. Toddlers, senior citizens, millennials, post-millennials, boomers, X and Y generations, fetuses, sloths, amoeba; everyone has at least one email account and most have more. Although plenty of people use social media to keep in touch with friends, families, strangers, and celebrities, most of us still connect with people via email. With all this experience underneath our WWW belts you’d think we’d have given up on hitting forward whenever we see a threatening, heart-warming, hilarious, hate-spewing, racist, sexist, advising or other nonsensical, truthy chain emails. Unfortunately you’d be wrong.

The Download:

We’ve all got ‘em; classmates, friends, coworkers, and relatives — past or present — who cannot resist the lure of the email forward. Infrequently it’s when they see something too adorably heartwarming, life affirming, side-splittingly hilarious that they have to share; these are the only semi-acceptable types to forward. More often it’s when they’re told about the awesome fantastic luck they will have or when they’re told all their hair will fall out, testosterone will dry up, money will be lost and they’ll be doomed to wander the world alone, hairless, and bankrupt.

Sadly, the vast majority seem to be those emails that exploit people’s fears, frustrations, or rage at why their lives aren’t 100% perfect by allowing them to blame other races, religions, nationalities, genders or sexual orientations for all their troubles. Is this one of those uniquely ‘Murican traits? Cuz dearsweetbabyjesus do the “patriots” among us love to send crap about the country being placed under Sharia law, unauthorized immigrants (or more hatefully called illegals) stealing all our jobs and yet being incredibly lazy, schools outlawing Christmas and the President of the United States being a terrorist, socialist with a closet full of mom-jeans and fake birth certificates.

The vast majority of these emails are conservative-leaning in nature, based on studies by people who track urban legends and nonpartisan debunkers. Personally speaking, these are the majority of what we receive and considering the pinko bleeding heart socialists we are here at TSD that is pretty damn ironic. Don’t worry, lieberals are not immune. Libs may not forward as many bile-spewing emails as their conservative counterparts but they are all about ‘sharing’ and ‘liking’ conservative-condemning, fake facts on Facebook.

The Interwebz can do wonderful things. It can connect people across the globe, raise funds for disasters and worthwhile charities, spread acts of kindness, and entertain us with bajillion hours of cat videos. So why are so many of us hell-bent on using it to spread vile, false accusations against other people’s religions, races, genders, sexual orientations and nationalities? And why do so many people who in their daily lives are kind, intelligent and loving people continually forward that crap around?


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