Losing My Mind

Losing My Mind

Matt HealeyWednesday,15 October 2014

The Snap:

Despite the Queen of everything’s recommendations, I started the T25 workout series. This is part of the Insanity workout series. So far I am 3 week into the program and here are my thoughts.

The Download:

First – It is hard. The workouts are difficult. While they only take 25 min, they are very taxing. They do offer the ability to modify the movements to make them easier and on several occasions I have to take advantage of that. Granted, I am not just doing T25. My routine is to ride a stationary bike for 30 min and then do the T25 workouts. The bike makes sure that I am already exhausted before I start T25. Generally that results is the following schedule:

Monday – Thursday: Bike for 30 min and then the T25 workout. I usually do the bike between level 14-16 of 25. I started at 14, but now it is no less than 15.

Friday: Double T25. Fridays are two T25 workouts so I skip the bike and do the two T25s.

Saturday and Sunday: 1 hr on the bike.

Eventually this becomes too much and I take a Sunday off. Usually it becomes too much after about 2 weeks. So last time I went 15 days before an off day.

Now on to the workouts themselves. The program is broken into 2 segments; Alpha and Beta each which lasts 5 weeks. I have finished the first 3 weeks of Alpha. In the Alpha segment there are 5 workout routines listed and described below in order of increasing difficulty.

Speed 1.0: This is the easiest for me mainly because it incorporates stretching and stability into the workout, which gives you momentary breaks from the high intensity portion of the workout.

Lower Body Focus: This is the second easiest. It focuses on leg strength. Most people will not find this to be easy, but since all of my recreational activities are leg based, like cycling, running, and skiing, for me it is easier.

Cardio: This one started out hard but got easy quickly. I think it started out hard because it was all new moves that I was not used to but after a few weeks I have become accustomed to them, so it is less challenging.

Abs: I hate abs. At this point I hate them almost as much as I hate Best Buy (See tomorrow’s post).

Total Body Circuit: This is by far the most difficult. The reason is it works out everything and there is something on everyone that is not that strong. For me it is arms and upper body. My sports are cycling, running, and skiing, so not so much on the upper body strength.

I will update everyone again after week 3 of the beta segment.

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