The Classic Sound of ‘Dirty’

The Classic Sound of ‘Dirty’

Adriana SaboMonday,6 October 2014

The Snap: 

In this weird world we live in, Hip-Hop became completely intertwined with the world of mainstream. Social critique became a good way to make money and now, a big part of the once radical movement became the most important branch of the music industry. But where there is mainstream, there is underground and it is always refreshing to find people who make high-quality and original mixtapes and don’t accept the R&B/Hip-Hop mixture that is so popular these days. Precisely because of this, I was happy to find Milo Fuk0, a rapper who just published his first mixtape, titled Dirty. Fuk0 is a co-founder of DeFault Universe collective and his debut is a true refreshment.

The Download: 

When I say it is a true refreshment, I mean, it is fantastically old-school. Samples+lyrics. Nothing pretentious, nothing flashy and nothing to draw your attention form the words. The tags on bandcamp say alternative hip-hop,  psychedelic hip hop, trip hop, underground hip hop and they explain a lot. The tracks are minimal, as already mentioned. The tempo is slow and the voice raps steadily, not changing the volume or the intensity, contributing to the feel of “psychedelic” and “trip”. No aggression or anger in the sound, just imaginative rhymes and strong words. The influence of old school rappers like the Wu-Tang Clan are impossible to miss and this is precisely the reason why Dirty is tagged as alternative  and underground. This return to the classics seems to be a clear sign of the position Milo Fuk0 holds in the world of the music industry. Among the producers we find names like Nujabes, Samiyam, POTTYmouth Bastard, MF DOOM and Tyler The Creator and they are accomplices to the making of 9 tracks:

1. Nails

2. Graffiti

3. Eating Habits,

4. Associates (ft. Adam’s Adlib)

5. Vengence (ft. Rad Dawson)

6. Giant Burrowing Cockroach

7. Enzymes

8. Classic

9. Times New Roman

Another feature of Dirty is the general feel of DIY. Even though the production is obviously top notch, the whole mixtape sounds like it has been made in one stroke, in a smokey room inhabited by MCs who did not get much sleep, drank a lot of coffee and smoked a lot of cigarettes (or whatever). Thus, the tracks are raw, unpolished and, dare I say, authentic. Miles away from the commercial versions made by popular rappers. This tape was made with a clear intention of creating something that will be original and will send a message to the listeners, avoiding all of the, so often exploited cliches.

For all these reasons (and more), Dirty will speak to all those people who seek interesting music that can convey a message. Milo Fuk0 will make you think, if you listen to his words closely. Even if you are not a fan of Hip Hop, you will enjoy this mixtape.

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The Equal GroundBandcamp, Image Credit: Flickr

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