Reagan Goes Hardcore

Reagan Goes Hardcore

Adriana SaboWednesday,24 September 2014

The Snap: 

Ronald Reagan inspired many, that’s no secret. Now, he received another homage that is maybe a bit different than it is expected. Iron Reagan is, as you can imagine, a band inspired by both Iron Maiden and Ronald Reagan. The band is from Richmond, and the band members came from such thrash groups like Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour: Tony Foresta (vocals), Landphil Hall (guitar), Mark Bronzino (guitar), Rob Skotis (bass) and Ryan Parrish (drums).  Their music is aggressive and engaged, the lyrics touch on political subjects and are spiced up with a bit of strange humor. They rely heavily on the element of surprise and of shock, putting, for instance, a drawing of beheaded Reagan surrounded by demons on the cover of their latest album, titled The Tyranny of Will. The album’s name might or might not be a reference to the famous Nazi propaganda film The Triumph of the Will, directed by Leni Riefenstahl (which in turn might make us wonder what, exactly, is the band’s relationship towards the late President).

The Download: 

The music Iron Reagan plays can best be described as chaotic, with visible tendencies toward its organization. Concise riffs, strong beats, aggressive singing and the in-your-face attitude best describe The Tyranny of Will. Their aggression has a certain “fire at will” feel to it, being aimed at everyone and no one, or better yet, to anyone who cares to listen. The whole album passes in one, seemingly short breath. The tracks are brief, but there is 25 of them and they all ring about the same atmosphere: 

1. Tyranny of Will 02:04
2. I Won’t Go 01:27
3.Eyeball Gore 01:02
4.Close to Toast 01:50
5.Bet on Black 00:25
6.Miserable Failure 02:15
7.The Living Skull 00:42
8.In Greed We Trust 01:15
9.Glocking Out 00:11
10.Rat Shit 01:41
11.U Lock the Bike Cop 00:33
12.Broken Bottles 02:08
13.Bleeding Frenzy 01:32
14.Bored to Death 00:52
15.Class Holes 01:39
16.Obsolete Man 01:38
17.Nameless 01:00
18.Exit the Game 01:33
19.Your Kid’s an Asshole 00:12
20.Patriotic Shock 00:20
21.Bill of Fights 01:46
22.Consensual Harassment 00:39
23.Just Say Go 00:50
24.Four More Years 04:01
25.The Sentence is Death (Bonus Track)

This conception, thus, results in the feeling that you are bombarded by statements and opinions about the world we live in. “In Greed We Trust,” for instance, is one of the harsher tracks, making an intelligent comment on the capitalist system and the role the war plays in it: “Loaded weapon that you’re holding in your hand is made for killing /There couldn’t be a single other purpose/You’ve pledged an oath so put your money where your mouth is/A specialty that costs/Everyone a lot of money. In greed we trust.” Another successful  track is the brief “Patriotic Shock,” dedicated to the voting system and meant to make you snap out of it: “I cast my ballot things will change this time/This vote will really benefit my life/It seems you are about to walk into a patriotic shock.”

“Miserable Failure” is another one that represents the in-your-face attitude, as the singer screams “Just because I’m not like you doesn’t mean that I’m dumb”.

The Tyranny of Will can, thus, best be described as a rather good hardcore punk metal album. It has everything: fast beats, two distorted guitars, aggressive bass, a screaming singer and almost haiku-like lyrics that address some of the hottest issues of today. Another plus is that Iron Reagan play in such a manner that you will be able to feel their music regardless of whether you enjoy hardcore music or not.

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