Those Over There Are Not Giants But Windmills

Those Over There Are Not Giants But Windmills

Matt HealeyWednesday,17 September 2014

The Snap:

Tilting at windmills. We all do it. We all get pissed off at things we cannot control. For me the windmills tend to be small minded people with power. The petty bearcats that infest every company and who spend every day preventing forward progress.

The Download:

When we are younger than I am now, we fight these people. We try to make positive change.  The problem is that the machine is stronger than we are. I came to that realization last night. I no longer have the energy to fight for positive change. I left a large company so that I could go to a smaller more nimble small company where I could make a difference. I have failed. In a previous life I would have taken this as an opportunity to move to another company. But not this time. This time the approach is to coast it out. I am a few (less than 10) years away from being able to retire. So why should I stress? I have all of the money I need and with no kids it is not like I have to worry.

So with the new play I can focus on things that are more present. Leaving at a reasonable time in the evening, like 5-5:30, not 6:30-7:00. I can work out more at the gym. All in preparation for a life of bike rides, AT hikes and golf. That really doesn’t sound so bad when you think about it. The windmills will always be there, I just don’t have to tilt at them anymore.

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