Protect The Image

Protect The Image

Matt HealeyThursday,11 September 2014

The Snap:

According to the Associated Press, law enforcement played the Ray Rice punch video for the NFL three months ago. So the NFL knew that this tape existed and they had seen it before issuing Rice a two game suspension.

The Download:

This is bullshit. Clearly the initial suspension was too light. Two games for that punch was not enough. Everyone will admit that. However, this is still bullshit. The NFL and Rodger Goodell need to be publicly ridiculed for this decision. They go from one extreme to another, from two games to a lifetime ban.

So lets look at the stupidity of the NFL. I am focusing on the NFL because the stupidity of Rice is on display for everyone to see. First, there is a generally rule with scandals, that all of the information will come out at some point. It always does. So, if the NFL thought that they could keep a video like that from going public, then we need to run the entire executive leadership through the concussion protocol because clearly they have suffered a massive head trauma. Additionally, since everything eventually comes out, the fact that they saw it and denied they did means that they have another problem: they lied about it. Second, now that we know they saw the video, the obvious question is why did they think two games was okay?

All of this taken together shows that the NFL only really cares about image. They knew the content of the tape and decided that two games was sufficient. Then the public reacted, and so to protect the league’s image — once the tape came out, as it was bound to do — the NFL leadership overreacted to show they are “tough on domestic violence.” They are not. Let’s be clear what the NFL is tough on – anything that makes them look bad. What was Ray Rice’s real offense in this incident, in the eyes of NFL leaders? Not punching his girlfriend, but doing it on video tape.

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