Boom Shakalaka

Boom Shakalaka

Shane BarnhillFriday,5 September 2014

The Snap:

Earlier this year, in the spring, I used the whiteboard in my office to start sketching out concepts for a redesigned website for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation. The image above shows an early sketch of what eventually became the Foundation’s new Shop section (at left), its homepage (center), and also a diagram of some strategy principles for not only our web presence, but also all of our online initiatives (at right). These drawings followed months of scrutiny of our website analytics, which provided deep insights into how constituents were using our site, what they cared about, and which information they were missing. The analytics data was used to develop a strategy for a new site that would better suit the Foundation’s goals, and the whiteboard drawings became the basis for wireframes and mock-ups that our design & development partner used in producing the new site.

The Download:

Speaking of our partner, we couldn’t have picked a better one. The team at Marketing Press — especially Greg Taylor — has been a true partner in every sense of the word. In addition to performing high quality work, they struck the perfect balance of bringing new ideas to the table while staying true to the strategy behind the project. Greg kept me honest about making sure that change requests were consistent with the redesign’s underlying strategy, and the end result is better because of his experience, work hard, and wisdom. At several points throughout the redesign and development initiative, I was reminded of points that Mike Monteiro made in his excellent book, Design Is A Job. One quote, in particular, stuck with me:

“Stop trying to get your clients to ‘understand design’ and instead show them that you understand what they hired you to do. Explain how the choices you’ve made lead to a successful project. This isn’t magic, it’s math.”

This project wasn’t magic. But it definitely was a lot of hard work — by the Marketing Press team, by me, and by my PCHF teammates who provided feedback and guidance during the project — and it feels great to see a months-old vision blossom. I look forward to not only working with Marketing Press on future projects, but also to seeing how this site improves the online experience for the Foundation’s constituents.

But that’s in the future. For now, I just want to celebrate this win. It’s a real slam dunk.

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Hat Tips:

Marketing Press, Design Is A Job

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