Political Signs Are Awesome

Political Signs Are Awesome

Shane BarnhillWednesday,27 August 2014

The Snap:

On Tuesday, voters in Arizona went to the polls to vote in primary elections for a variety of offices. According to AZ Central, Arizona voters “said improving education and the state’s economy were the top concerns bringing them to the polls, but they said that when it came to individual candidates, their trustworthiness and qualifications mattered as much as their positions on the issues” (my emphasis added).

The Download:

To candidates, these voter concerns over reputations and resumes represent opportunities for mudslinging, and there is perhaps no better channel for dirty politics than those damn signs that are plastered on every street corner in every contestable district during election season. Thus, for my own amusement, I drove around the Phoenix area as primary election day neared, in order to photograph some of the more outlandish, humorous and downright ridiculous signs posted at highly-trafficked street intersections across the Valley of the Sun.

I have posted a handful of the signs below, but please note that I’m neither endorsing nor opposing any of the candidates whose signs are shown. Some of these aspiring office holders may be wonderful public servants, while others might be complete jackasses. My commentary is merely about the messages conveyed by their signs, rather than their actual politics or platforms.

Now that I’ve gotten that caveat out of the way, read on. Let’s mock some politicians!

That newfangled math that I don’t understand is also my entire political platform.

"That newfangled math that I don't understand is also my entire political platform."


If you’re dumb enough to believe how grossly we’re overstating the power of this commission, then we want your vote!

Fighting Obama - Tom Forese and Doug Little


Momma says convenient, accessible public transportation is THE DEVIL.

Milhaven - Want Light Rail in Scottsdale?


But hell, even Momma might admit that one of these two wouldn’t be so bad…

Milhaven - Want More Bars & Drunks?


Well, if they’re going to be used to improve public transportation and provide incentives to lure fun new eating & drinking establishments, then, uh, YEAH.

Milhaven - Want Higher Taxes?


Throw your taxes in the air like you just don’t care! 

Doug Little - Tax Hikes


This one time, at Financial Mismanagement camp, my opponent, Mr. DeWit, did a not-so-good thing.

Jeff Dewit - Resume


Oh really, Mr. Pullen? Question: Do you like apples? 

Randy Pullen - resume


That should confuse all those dummy constituents!

Schwartz Supports


The signs above are just a small sample of the many awesome signs from primary election season. There were a handful of others that were true gems; unfortunately, I just didn’t get the chance to stop and grab photos for all of them. But with general elections still to come, I hope to photograph some new signs for another post. Until then, I’ll just enjoy all the signs that are currently on street corners, because I’m sure they’ll be taken down soon (NOT!).



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