Idiot’s Guide to Better Understanding Rape

Idiot’s Guide to Better Understanding Rape

Adrienne BoettingerFriday,22 August 2014

The Snap:

We recently heard a NPR report on sexual assault that made us think we’d lost the few remnants of our sanity and woken up in a hellscape where asshats were destined to rule the world in perpetuity, passing on their idiocy from one generation to the next. The Snap Download would like to do our part to clear up some of the common (and yet so insane that we haven’t stopped banging our head against our desks) misconceptions about rape.

The Download:

Every two minutes, someone in sexually assaulted in the United States. Reliable statistics aren’t available for worldwide rape totals but media reports and academic studies suggest it is probably a matter of seconds and not minutes. Studies of male college students in America indicate that 1 in 16 have admitted to sexually assaulting someone while they were in school. Two-thirds were serial rapists who had conducted these violent acts an average of six times.

A major problem seems to be that these offenders don’t realize that what they have done is rape. So to clear things up, we’re going to say this in the simplest of terms:

If you try to have sex with someone, it is rape if they are any of the following conditions:

1. Asleep

2. Passed out

3. Severely intoxicated

4. Saying no

5. Fighting you, crying, and begging you to stop.

Yes, it is still rape if someone is in one of the above conditions and…

1. You know the person

2. You don’t know the person

3. You are not armed with a weapon

4. You are armed with a weapon

5. You are married to or in another relationship with them

6. You have previously had sexual relations with them.

Things to watch out for…

1. If you plan to get someone severely intoxicated to have sexual relations with them, you are guilty of sexual assault.

2. If you have your friends hold the person down so you can have sexual relations, you are guilty of sexual assault.

3. If you see someone trying to get somebody drunk, drug them, or take advantage of someone because they are severely intoxicated and you do not say or do anything to stop this, you are aiding a sexual assault.

4. If you encourage, laugh at or say nothing when someone you know is bragging about having sex with someone who was asleep/drunk/drugged/saying no, you are telling that person you condone his or her actions.

5. If you do not actively discourage your children, other family members, friends, and other loved ones from attempting sexual relations with someone who is asleep/passed out/intoxicated/saying no, you are condoning the behavior.

And last but not least, YOU are promoting victim blaming and contributing to the rape culture that infects society if your first reactions to hearing of a rape accusation are any of the following:

1. Was the person intoxicated?

2. What was the person wearing?

3. Was the person out late at night by themselves?

4. But they knew each other!

5. She/he is probably just crying rape.


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