Some Has to Stop the Demon

Some Has to Stop the Demon

Matt HealeyMonday,7 July 2014

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Generally I do not tend to follow the sensational human interest trials. Basically I don’t really care. I remember recently as we were approaching the 20th anniversary of the OJ trial and bronco chase, listening to some radio or TV commentator say “we all remember where we were during the white bronco chase.” Actually I don’t have the faintest idea where I was. Why? Because I really didn’t care about the trial. OJ was well past his playing days and so nothing he did was going to affect me.

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Despite this I have started to pay attention to one of these cases. By pay attention, I mean, yell at the news coverage for the trial. It is the case where a father left his kid in a hot car. Turns out that happens with a high degree of frequency. However in this case the thought was it was not accidental but was deliberate. I have no idea if it was or was not. Clearly the news reports make it look bad. But then the news reports also made it look like we knew Iraq had WMD and we knew where they were. Got that one wrong. The news also made it look like Richard Jewell was the Atlanta Olympic park bomber. Got that one wrong too. While these cases show that the news can get it wrong and drag someone through the mud, in many cases unjustifiably, it is not until recently that the practice of passing judgment by the media has been raised to such an art form. The person who has managed to do this is Nancy Grace.

The demon-possessed TV personality got her start by destroying Casey Anthony. I don’t know if Casey was guilty or not, but clearly a jury of her peers though she was not. But not the demon. She clearly knew more than jury and was going to make sure that Casey was convicted in the court of public opinion and her life was to be ruined. Then there were the attacks on the Duke Lacrosse players who were accused of gang rape, only to later have all of the charges dropped. In that case Nancy came out swinging against the players. This time when it came to light that the accuser made the entire thing up and the charges were being dropped, a substitute anchor was brought in to announce it on her show. Next she took on the mother of a missing child, Melinda Duckett. As a result of her belittling on TV, the mother committed suicide. Now she has her guns trained on the father of the dead child. I am not sure if he is guilty or not. I am going to let the courts decide that. However, regardless of their decision, he is sure to have his life destroyed by Nancy. And this is my problem. This bitch has decided that she is the final arbiter of guilt or innocence. She decides and once she does, the guilty, according to her and her alone, must pay. So since according to her, one person can determine guilt an impose punishment, I have decided that Nancy Grace is guilty of crimes against society and request that the Queen of Everything impose the following punishment. The demon is to be locked in a car in the middle of the Mojave desert at 12:01 AM on the 15th of July. The car will then be opened and she will be let out at 12:01 on the 16th of July. She will be provided with no food or water and the car will have no gas in the tank.

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