Listen to: The Felice Brothers, ‘Favorite Waitress’

Listen to: The Felice Brothers, ‘Favorite Waitress’

Leigh MichaelWednesday,2 July 2014

The Snap:

The Felice Brothers fifth studio album, Favorite Waitress, has at long last made its debut. Described by NPR as a “ramshackle mix of folk, R&B and Americana storytelling,” the collection of songs feels like a plate chock full with different food groups. Unconventional, but a delicious meal nonetheless.

Check out the album trailer at the bottom of the post to get a sampling of the tracks, then go ahead and snag Favorite Waitress for your own at iTunes or Amazon.

The Download:

The Felice Brothers have held a soft spot in the musical reaches of my heart for a while now. The Catskills-based band is comprised of a crew of survivors (remember when their tour bus died and they virtually busked their way towards a new one?)

Pitchfork helpfully (edit: loftily) points out, “the Felices understand “rock” as a noun, not a verb. These songs lumber and splay, all gangly melodies and world-weary croaks.” I don’t know that I agree with that prognosis — this is the band that created “Frankie’s Gun” and “Take this Bread,” after all — but Favorite Waitress undeniably plays it safer. The Felice Brothers was a joy right from the first listen. It felt like one of those “I’ve stuck gold” moments, that feeling when you feel jazzed that you’ve at long last found a new group to add to your small list of favorite musicians. It was unrestrained and had an authentic backwoods vibe. And most importantly, it just sounded like the group had a really great time recording each show.

Celebration, Florida was a haphazard, startling affair, and it took me a few listens before I realized what an exceptional album it was. (“Fire at the Pageant,” anyone? Not to mention the weird music video that accompanies it?). And I kind of feel Favorite Waitress is the same experience. Not love at first listen, perhaps, but one that will grow with time.

Sample for yourself and enjoy “Saturday Night,” “Cherry Licorice,” (one of my favorites) and “Bird on Broken Wing.”

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