“Can’t Do Without You” by Caribou Review (Yes, it Rhymes)

“Can’t Do Without You” by Caribou Review (Yes, it Rhymes)

Adriana SaboMonday,30 June 2014

The Snap: 

The leading name behind Caribou — Daniel Snaith — has been busy lately, preparing his latest album, titled Our Love — scheduled to come out later this year and planing the world tour. He will be playing in numerous cities of the world, mostly appearing on summer festivals in Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Netherlands, Croatia, France, USA etc, and some appearances will be supported by Jessy Lanza and Owen Pallett. He also shared one of the songs from the upcoming album, titled “Can’t do Without You,” that will appear as the opening track of Our Love. 

For those of you who may not be familiar with Caribou’s work, he is a Canadian artist, who began his career under the stage name Manitoba. But, as luck would have it, the world of entertainment already had a player going under the name of Richard “Handsome Dick” Manitoba, who sued Snaith for using “his” name. After this incident, we met Caribou, who has been making music for us ever since. Other than being a musician, he is also a math wiz, certified by The Imperial College of London — in 2005, Snaith was awarded a doctorate in mathematics (you can check out his thesis online). The music he makes can be described as a mix of Electronic and Psychedelic “genres.” And even though he is the main force behind Caribou, when performing live, Sinaith is joined by other musicians — Ryan Smith, Brad Weber and John Schmersal — and he plays the percussion. Other than a musical treat, his live performances also feature complicated videos, created in a typical psychedelic manner, that will complete your trance-like Caribou experience.

The Download:

Let’s have a look at the latest song he shared with us.

The track is a fantastic example of Caribou’s music. It starts slowly, with the voice repeating “Can’t do Without” over a smooth, laid back base made of synth pads and drums. The track sets a ritualistic mood and is perfect for chillin’. As the song progresses, it slowly swells up more and more, adding another voice sample over the background that becomes more and more complicated. The slow, relaxed mood slowly changes to a bit faster, and a bit more energetic beat that pitchfork.com labeled as “a proper rave-ready jam.” The whole track — like many other Caribou’s songs — is strongly influenced by minimalism. What catches your ear and your attention is precisely the change in intensity and density of the sound, that offers just the right balance between the parts of the song that are repeating and those that come as a surprise. It is something of a summer hit that can be played on festivals and in clubs alike. “Can’t do Without You” shows us the softer side of Caribou, as will most probably be the case with the whole album — judging by its title. Another thing definitely worth mentioning is the artwork for the song that, in a delightfully psychedelic way, acts as something of an extension to the music. It seems to be showing a picture of green leaves that was run through a number of filters that made the leaves go all colorful. This is why we recomend you watch the picture carefully while listening to the song, and see what happens.

So, there is not much left to say. Find out if Caribou is playing somewhere near you this summer and go enjoy yourself!

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