No Ads? That’s Worth Paying For.

No Ads? That’s Worth Paying For.

Matt HealeyTuesday,24 June 2014

The Snap:

I hate ads. Always have always will. When it comes to apps, I tend to try the free ad-based version and then if I like the functionality of the app, I buy the ad free version. I have no problem with that approach. Paying more to avoid having to be advertised to for things that I have no interest in. This approach seems to work well for the app business, but how come it has not caught on for other businesses? Specifically media.

The Download:

Almost a great as my hatred for ads is my love of The New York Times. I am what you would call a faithful reader. I tend to read between 10 and 20 articles per day. I have my digital subscription and read most articles before things get going in the morning, in that useless 10 minutes after one call has ended early but you have another at the top of the hour, or over lunch. I use the Times business section to track the markets and keep an eye on stocks that I own or am thinking of buying. I would say that the NYT is my most visited site, followed closely by ESPN.

So when I got a banner ad for Times Premium, I thought it was worth a look. I was hoping that they had finally realized that they could charge a premium for access to the site without annoying ads. No banner ads, no ads that expand if you happen to scroll down and the mouse pointer hits them thus interrupting your reading, no expanding and contracting banner ads that mess up what you are trying to read. All of that I hoped would be gone for an additional monthly fee that I would gladly pay. The result, nope — the ads stay, you just get more content. Okay, so some of the content seemed like it would be interesting, but not enough for the additional $7.50 per month. But get rid of the ads, and yes, I’ll move to premium today.

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