Review: ‘Love Panic’ by the Echo Friendly

Review: ‘Love Panic’ by the Echo Friendly

Adriana SaboMonday,23 June 2014

The Snap:

The Echo Friendly is the name of a duo based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn that does not get a lot of commercial attention. Still, they are one of those bands that are definitely worth checking out. The members of the duo, Shannon Esper and Jake Rabinbach, are friends and ex-lovers. As most independent bands, they usually play live shows with three more musicians and are an important part of the New York scene. In May 2014, they released their debut album, titled Love Panic. The main feature of their music is that it’s filled with emotions. Being friends that used to date, The Echo Friendly members focus on working through their issues through music — the lyrics are about anger, resentment, sadness and all other feelings that you will inevitably experience after a breakup. As they say, “Chances are you have something in common with the off and on couple behind The Echo Friendly… the heartsick band takes an unusually honest approach to the trials and tribulations of breaking up.”

The Download:

“Instead of sitting in a dark room, going over the same moments again and again, they chose to make music, and use their energies in a creative ways.” This is what the Love Panic is all about. As this description might indicate, their music can best be described as indie pop — light and dark and light, with all the shades of gray in between. The fans of HBO’s “Girls” will recognize their song titled “Same Mistakes” from an episode in season 1. Now, it appears as the opening track of Love Panic, and introduces us into the world of the never ending cycle that every couple can fall into: fighting over same things and always making the same mistakes. The lyrics catch your attention, more than the music, that is created according to all the standards of pop. Not too many unexpected twists. “Worried” is the second track on the album, that, like the first one, appeared before Love Panic was released. A fine track, somewhat dark, describing all those things — big and small — that you worry about when you love someone.

The rest of the album remains in the same atmosphere.

Worried” is followed by “Slower”, “Apartment,” “Supplies for Arson,” “Panic,” “I Wanna get High With You,” “F*****g Around,” “Analog Degradation” and another explicit track, “F**k It and Whatever.” One especially interesting track is “Supplies for Arson,” a fast, energetic song dedicated to William James Cassidy that starts with one of his quotes, apparently dear to this couple/duo. It is probably the strongest track — with a steady beat and harsh guitars, it shows a punk-like side of Shannon and Jake. The following song, “Panic,” is a bit softer, returning to their pop comfort zone, focusing again on an issue typically associated with relationship troubles. Another track that will catch your attention is “F**k It and Whatever,” and it closes the album. It’s a sad, kind of depressing song about failed communication. iTunes labeled it as explicit, but the only thing even remotely close to that is the title.

All in all, here we have a band that is not to be listened to on a day-to-day basis, since the issues they touch on might seriously bum you out. On the other hand, they may help those who are facing the same troubles. The Echo Friendly should certainly be congratulated for facing their problems and bringing them out in the open. But still, you might find yourself hitting stop on your player, because you feel like listening to music with less emo-stuff inside. So my advice to you is, choose the right timing to hit play on one of their songs.

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