The Super PAC-man Cometh

The Super PAC-man Cometh

Adrienne BoettingerFriday,20 June 2014

The Snap:

For all those naysayers who think the United States is too polarized for democrats and republicans to agree on anything, we say turn your “nays” to “yeas”… at least when it comes to Super PACs. Before you get all excited, Super PACs are not a combination of superheroes and retro videogames but a way for extremely rich people to own politicians and determine the fate of elections. It is with a weary heart and increasing hopelessness that we note President Obama singing a new tune when it comes to Super PACs with his headlining of a fundraiser for the Senate Majority PAC.

The Download:

Hey, did you know this is a year for midterm elections? And we’re already partway through the primary season? And you could actually vote instead of just bitching about how sucky the government is? Given the historic amount of apathy Americans have for the democratic process — that they don’t think it matters who wins elections as the government will still be craptastic regardless — you may think most people aren’t aware that we are nearing some important midterm elections.

That is unless you watched TV, listened to the radio, opened your mailbox, or used the Interwebz. If you did any of those things you would be inundated with toxically awful and omnipresent campaign ads thanks in part to the wonder of Super PACs. Super PACs owe much of their continued existence to the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United case. That’s when SCOTUS determined corporations, like people, are entitled to free speech and that speech can come in the form of unlimited dolla dolla bills, y’all, to support or denounce political candidates.

But wait! There’s more! SCOTUS recently ruled that it is not unlawful for political groups to lie in campaign ads. Now while that is not unlawful, it is unlawful for local, state or federal governments to try to stop these lies. Apparently lying is free speech as long as you have a shit ton of money and endless time to spend in legal battles.

We guess this really shouldn’t be a surprise since as a society, we increasingly demand equal time and representation for disproved ideas in comparison to actual scientifically proven facts; science is all too frequently characterized as “opinions.” You can thank this move for children not understanding the basis of all modern biological science and Texas GOP’s support for discredited “psychiatric” treatment being used to “bring out the heterosexuality” in homosexuals.

We can understand why you think Congress is about as useful as a cheese sandwich to a drowning ferret. Congress’ only consistent behavior is its tendency to not do jackshit while talking as much shit about the other party as possible. That’s why we (and that includes YOU) need to hold them accountable. Look to see how they’re voting (or not voting). Don’t like it? Tell them directly or tell them via the ballot.

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