Listen to: First Aid Kit, ‘Stay Gold’

Listen to: First Aid Kit, ‘Stay Gold’

Leigh MichaelMonday,9 June 2014

The Snap:

Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit is, after bated breath from eager fans around the world, releasing its third studio album in just a few short days. The compilation of new material promises to collectively offer “a statement of staying power; a collection of bright, smart, substantial songs that stick around.”

The album will make its official debut on June 10th — You can stream Stay Gold courtesy of NPR’s First Listen, then preorder it on iTunes or Amazon.

The Download: 

Sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg first found fame when their cover of Fleet Foxes’ “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” became a YouTube sensation. This was back in 2008, and although they haven’t lost their ethereal, introspective musical qualities that will invariably draw comparisons to the Seattle-based band, this duo has also brought something new to the table.

No longer are they “those girls who made it on YouTube.” They have their own musical identity, and Stay Gold is living proof that Johanna and Klara have grown up.

“Heaven Knows” is a little poppy, and the brunt of the song is driven by a melody that feels like it could accompany a Lumineers song. But the duo also offers something beyond the quintessential folk-rock-alt-country-alittlebitofeverything that seems to have taken soundwaves by storm of late.

They’re refreshingly simplistic. It makes sense that Johnny Cash is cited as one of their prominent musical influences; they let the lyrics, the voice, and the instrumentals do the work. They tie the three elements together tidily, so that it sounds beautiful… Without creating an emotional roller coaster that only ends when the album’s final song closes.

First Aid Kit is light and enchanting, and it’s effortless. Enjoy “My Silver Lining,” “Stay Gold,” “The Bell,” and “Cedar Lane.” But better yet, enjoy the album in its entirety. Although each track stands alone, it feels like a tidily wrapped package when enjoyed together, one after another. And it’s the perfect tonic for the summer, offering a charming soundtrack for harried commutes, aimless road trips, and everything in between.

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