Listen to this: Makthaverskan

Listen to this: Makthaverskan

Leigh MichaelTuesday,3 June 2014

The Snap:

Makthaverskan is the moniker for Sweden’s new breakout band, a group of 5 twenty-somethings who have been making music together since they were teenagers. Hailing from Gothenburg, the group blends pop, punk, and experimental rock to create a sound that has latched on to listeners all over the globe.

You can listen to “Asleep,” the band’s 2013 single, at the bottom of the post. Like what you hear? Buy the band’s second LP, II, from Run for Cover Records.

The Download: 

Claiming that “the Swedish music scene was too cute for us,” the members of Makthaverskan replace Scandinavia’s iconic pop sound for something more ethereal, one that draws comparisons to the Cranberries and the Velvet Underground.

English might not be the native language of lead singer Maja Milner, but in an interview with Pitchfork, she explains that “Singing in Swedish feels unreal for me—I can’t sing with the same passion in Swedish… Also, I wanted more people to understand the lyrics than just the nine million in Sweden, in case it would be famous somewhere else.”

Her pre-meditated efforts are paying off. The band is accruing a devoted fan base across Europe and the U.S., and the album has been described as a “brutal, addictive piece of work that constantly spasms between hunger and anger. The band hooks back into the ’80s in sound and structure, but don’t use the throwback to patch a gap in substance.”

For being an album whose content is decidedly down-in-the-dumps (The most oft-used word in “Mercy” is “fuck”), the upbeat tempo contrasts the Milner’s haunting voice and morose lyrics… And the balance works.

Give “Alive” a listen, then stream the band’s other songs on their Bandcamp. Gothenburg has given our ears a gift.

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