Jack White Teases Solo Album ‘Lazaretto’

Jack White Teases Solo Album ‘Lazaretto’

Leigh MichaelMonday,2 June 2014

The Snap:

Jack White’s highly anticipated album, Lazaretto, is due out on June 10th, and it promises a kaleidoscope of sounds and genre-crashing that is characteristic of the former White Stripes artist.

You can listen to (and watch, if you’re hankering after a headache) the album’s title track here, then enjoy the raw, bluesy “Just One Drink.” Finally, take a peek at the gloriously kick-ass and enchanting “High Ball Stepper” below.

Preorder Lazaretto on iTunes or Amazon. It’s hard to say no to Jack for long.

The Download:

Well, the problem with my personality is that I’m the kind of guy, like if I took a roll of film and it got developed and came back, I would take out the two photos that are good and I throw away all the rest. I don’t like bad photos being there when there’s one good one that’s so great. You know, you should take that one out and frame it, and throw the rest of them away so nobody else will find them.”

Jack White’s mentality, explained to NPR, explains a lot. Although Lazaretto is just the artist’s second solo album — Blunderbluss blew folks away back in 2012, he’s carved out a name for himself with a decade and a half spent with the White Stripes, nearly a decade with the Raconteurs, and a decade with Dead Weather. He keeps busy, and his prolific talent has made him recognized as one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

It sort of  feels like anything Jack White unleashes is a cert. It’s going to be weird, a little off the beaten path, and probably pretty chaotic, but it’s also going to be damn good. After listening to three delicious — and completely disparate — tracks off Lazaretto, it’s a safe guarantee that June 10th is going to be a very good day for music.

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Jack WhiteRolling Stone, NPR, Image Credit: Flickr

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