Stream Parquet Courts Entire Forthcoming Album, ‘Sunbathing Animal’

Stream Parquet Courts Entire Forthcoming Album, ‘Sunbathing Animal’

Joe GransingerTuesday,27 May 2014

The Snap:

Post-punk rockers Parquet Courts had already given us three singles from their forthcoming album — “Sunbathing Animal,” “Black and White,” and “Instant Disassembly” — and have just made the entire LP available to stream via NPR. Fans of the groups’ previous album will feel right at home, as the sophomore effort continues onward with the rough and surprisingly catchy punk sound — with a few pleasantly soft surprises thrown in.

‘Sunbathing Animal’ will be available June 3rd, and can be preordered now.

The Download:

Parquet Courts’ debut album, Light Up Gold, was one of the best rock albums of 2012, and Sunbathing Animal is a very respectable follow-up. However, the band has pushed their comfort levels much farther than ever before, and it pays off in a big way.

The title track has the exact sound you’d expect from the band, as everything goes off at full intensity while frontman Andrew Savage belts out his usual energetic vocals. And while this type of sound is extremely common among post-punk bands, Parquet Courts are also capable of creating intricate and delicate songs that didn’t appear on any of their previous releases.

Never has the band done such a slow, bluesy, and heartfelt track as “Instant Disassembly,” and at just over 7 minutes long, it’s one of the many highlights from the LP. The slower songs — though far and few between — do a good job of breaking up the monotony of the otherwise thunderous album, and really make it into a complete package.

But don’t worry, if you enjoy their punkier style, 11 of the 13 tracks still feature the aggressively awesome sound you’re looking for.

You can hear “Instant Disassembly” below, and stream the entire album over at NPR.

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