Atmosphere Provides Another Classic Album with ‘Southsiders’

Atmosphere Provides Another Classic Album with ‘Southsiders’

Joe GransingerWednesday,14 May 2014

The Snap:

Atmosphere, the long-running hip-hop legends hailing from Minneapolis, have released their 7th studio album, Southsiders. Frontman Slug continues to prove that he’s one of the best songwriters in the last 20 years, and continues to direct the lyrics towards more mature themes like family, conquering inner-demons, and death.

Southsiders is available to purchase from iTunes or stream via Spotify.

The Download:

A lot of the negativity towards Southsiders is based on the fact that “it’s just another Atmosphere album” and doesn’t introduce any new sounds or styles for the group. But after 25 years of producing the same type of music, why would people expect change?

The world needs genre-mainstays, and Atmosphere are a perfect example of that.

They’re not the type of group to add a synthesizer or have a collab with Skrillex because it’s the cool thing to do — they do what they like. They might not be the most exciting duo in music today, but their ability to create relatable and deep lyrics should not be overlooked.

What you get on Southsiders is a passionate hip-hop album consisting of life’s struggles — whether it’s family, drug abuse, alcoholism, or just reminiscing over past mistakes. The first two tracks of the album — “Camera Thief” and “Arthur’s Song” — introduce you to the mood quite quickly.

Unfortunately, the album does have some rather large inconsistencies, creating very noticeable changes in lyrics and mentality between songs. For example, going from the chill, down-to-earth flow of “Fortunate” directly into the not-so-great, chorus-oriented track of “Kanye West” is weird and unnatural.

Southsiders is packed with good songs, and other than a few oddball tracks that kill the mood, the album is a clear winner. Check out “Camera Thief,” “Arthur’s Song,” “Fortunate,” and “Flicker.”

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