Meet Pantaleon, and Listen to “Vile”

Meet Pantaleon, and Listen to “Vile”

Leigh MichaelMonday,12 May 2014

The Snap:

Pantaleon is the solo project of Edward Sturtevant, one of the brains behind Time Travelers. His first track, “Vile,” is available to stream and download via SoundCloud.

For our New York readers, Pantaleon will be taking the stage at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn on May 15th. What a way to top off your Thursday, eh?

The Download: 

It’s always a treat when the member of a great band branches out with solo material, and Pantaleon is no exception.  “Vile” is an intriguing sample of what is to come for the project, a fusion of a very visceral lyrics and instrumentals and a uniquely fitting recording style that feels like the song is holding you at arm’s length. It works, and it serves as an effective teaser for this Brooklyn-based artist.

I asked Edward a few questions about Pantaleon. Answers below:

Let’s start with the obvious one: Why “Pantaleon?”
Pantaleon is actually my confirmation name, which I had to choose in 8th grade when I was at Catholic School. We were supposed to pick a saint that we wanted to study, and specifically “NOT just someone with a name we thought was cool,” as the nuns put it. So, in the biggest show of rebellion I could muster at that age, I chose St. Pantaleon. Nowadays, I’m not really a religious person, so it’s kind of a joking appropriation of this name into a very secular arena. Plus, what I get out of playing/listening to music, is what I imagine really religious people get out of church, and I think there’s a lot of others out there who feel the same way.

How did “Vile” take shape?
Vile was one of those songs that all comes together in a lightning-strike moment. The other day, I picked up the guitar again, and the rest of the song just tumbled out, lyrics, progression, structure, and so I just went with that momentum, and got it down on tape right away.

What was refreshing about recording Vile, was that I had the freedom to run with the song in the moment, and get it down the right way. Even if it was not as polished as previous recordings I’ve put out, there’s something about approaching the writing and recording in a really visceral way that was a nice change of pace. Sometimes, it feels like you’ll never really finish writing a song, then other times, it just happens in a moment, so it’s nice to be able to pounce on those moments.

Do you feel like you’re generally inspired to bring pen to paper first, or to sit down with an instrument and see what happens?
I’m always jotting down notes of phrases or stanzas or words that strike me as lyrical, just to be sure I revisit those ideas, but I don’t really get going on a song unless I’m writing on an instrument. I do tend to work on both simultaneously, but it’s more often that I latch onto a progression/riff/melody of some sort that then inspires me to sit down and work out a full song.

Usually I’ll start singing jibberish as I figure it out, and that helps me define what vowel noises are best suited to the melody, and usually, some final lyrics will come out of that jibberish. I’m just as concerned with musicality of the words in a song as their meaning, so the goal for me is to write something meaningful that also sounds nice to the ear.

Folks, listen to Pantaleon’s “Vile” via SoundCloud, enjoy new material live on May 15th, and keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for updates on this exciting musical project.

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