Can’t People

Can’t People

Matt HealeyMonday,12 May 2014

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One of the great frustrations of life is interacting with “can’t” people. I am sure you know the people that I am talking about. They are the ones that look at and situation and immediately start figuring out why something can’t be done.

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The world is filled with them. They infest every aspect of business. They are the ones that can’t ever get anything done. They are incapable of making any decisions. They are unwilling to take any risk. They will not accept a project unless every aspect of the project can be planned out and there are no possible surprises. Everything needs to be known in advance; that way, there is no chance that something will go wrong. Ever. In social settings, they are the ones who are amazed that someone could decide that they wanted to take the summer off and hike that Appalachian Trail. “But you can’t do that” – Why the fuck not? They are stunned that I would decide to pick up and move to Asia. “Who does that?” – People who are willing to try something new.

I deal with these people on a regular basis. I do not claim to understand why they are the way they are. It might be fear. It might be incompetence. It might be that they are lazy. I don’t know and I really don’t really care. I would care even less if they would simply stay out of the way. The problem is the one thing that “can’t people” can do is get in the way of the rest of us. These are the people who are incapable of doing their jobs but manage to create structure so that you cannot go around them and get things done. It is “I can’t do this, but since it is my responsibility, you have to use me”. Here is an idea – Get the fuck out of my way.

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