Try Thinking — You Might Find You Like It

Try Thinking — You Might Find You Like It

Matt HealeyThursday,1 May 2014

The Snap:

I go to a lot of conferences. I am currently at one now. Most of the conference is pretty boring and predictable. There are a lot of product demos, discussions of the strategic focus and the road map. In many ways they are entirely predictable. However there are always things that make me perk up and take notice. In this conference it was the stupidity of the attendees.

The Download:

My brother has a saying: “Every time you are surprised by the stupidity of the public it is your fault because you overestimated them.” That is clearly the case in this situation, and it was driven home at the queue for coffee. Anyone who knows me knows that I need coffee in the morning. Actually I need coffee in the morning, mid day, afternoon, and probably a lot of other times as well. So the queue for coffee is something I take very seriously. In this case there were 2 coffee stations. One had a long line and the other, slightly behind the first one, had no line. Because I needed coffee (see above) and I am very impatient, I went to the one with no line, hoping that the reason there was no line was not because there was no coffee left. To my surprise, the coffee station that I went to had a full vat of coffee. So the question was, how come there was a long line at one and no line at the other?

My answer: stupidity. What I suspect happened was that someone went to the first station. Once a queue began to develop no one thought that maybe they should try to go to the other station. After all there was a line at this one. We should all behave like good sheeple. Get in line. To which I say “Why?” The fact is that most people are content to simply follow the heard. Don’t make waves. No one will ever get in trouble for queuing up for coffee just like everyone else. But it makes no sense. In my world it leads to tremendous waste and inefficiency. And when that waste stands between me and coffee bad things happen. This could also explain yesterday’s post about a lack of respect for process.

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