I Don’t Need No Stinking Process

I Don’t Need No Stinking Process

Matt HealeyWednesday,30 April 2014

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Personally I hate process. It is my feeling that the goal of process people is to make sure that no productive work gets done. Ever.

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I understand that in some cases following a procedure is important. There is clearly a place for it. The problem is when the process people feel that they need to be involved in everything. In a lot of cases, things need to be unstructured. Free-form. Generally smaller projects that are volunteer or projects that need to exist outside of the formal structures of an organization. While I was at a previous employer, I started a series of presentation training sessions that were informal. The reason that I wanted it outside of the formal process was that the goal of the program was to provide a safe environment for people to work on rehearsing presentations. If we had created a formal process eventually it would come to the attention of personnel (HR). Once that happened, whether you wanted it to or not, it would start to be factored into performance reviews. Comments like “did not attend presentation training” would be incorporated. This is not the safe environment that I wanted to create.

To all the process people, please keep in mind that you do not need to be involved in everything that is going on. There are some things that you should have no opinion on. If you are not invited in, keep out.

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