If You Hate Black People, In Addition To Being An Asshole, You Should Not Buy An NBA Team

If You Hate Black People, In Addition To Being An Asshole, You Should Not Buy An NBA Team

Matt HealeyTuesday,29 April 2014

The Snap:

It has been way too long since I have written for this blog. I mean way too long. The fact is that I got too busy with work and other things and the blog dropped off my radar. But I found that I miss it and so I am going to try to restart. This is the first entry in the restart.

The Download:

LA Clippers owned David Sterling is an idiot. That much is obvious from his recent comments. There is no place for his comments. Since I am not a big basketball fan I don’t know what the NBA is going to do but I am sure they are going to do something. Personally, I hope it is severe. Like dipped in a vat of acid severe. Regardless there are two issues I want to explore. The first is the depth of his idiocy. Lets accept that he is a racist. I think we can all agree on that. So if you are a racist, then my question is why would you own a basketball team? I am not going to get into the demographics of various sports, but if you don’t like black people and want to own a sports team how about hockey? Lets look at the top players in each sport. Basketball has LeBron James (black), Chris Paul (black), and Kevin Durant (black). Hockey has Alex Ovechkin (white), Sid Crosby (white), and Brad Richards (white). OK fine, maybe Richards is not a top player but I had to have a New York Rangers player in the list. So if you have racist tendencies then maybe basketball is not the right sport for you to be involved in. But then again if you are a racist, then you are an idiot, and I might be giving him too much credit.

The second issue is how the players should protest. Personally I think they should. The question is how. For me I think the best protest would involve winning the NBA title and then walking off the court and not participating in the trophy presentation. Let Sterling stand on the stage with the trophy alone. Feel free to give interviews in the locker room, talk to reporters, and celebrate. Just not with Sterling. At that point, start to demand trades. Get off the team.

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