The Black Keys Release New Single, “Turn Blue”

The Black Keys Release New Single, “Turn Blue”

Joe GransingerWednesday,16 April 2014

The Snap:

Late last month, The Black Keys released “Fever,” the first single from their upcoming album. Now they’re back with the release of the LP’s title track, “Turn Blue,” that continues with the slower, mellower vibe of its predecessor. The two tracks still carry the recognizable sound of The Black Keys, but the choice of re-enlisting Danger Mouse as producer has affected the overall product a lot more than it has in the past.

Turn Blue will be released on May 13th.

The Download:

I want to be optimistic about Turn Blue, but it’s becoming harder and harder with each single that’s released.

I’ve always been a big fan of The Black Keys — especially as the pool of bluesy rock bands is constantly shrinking — but I just can’t get into the latest singles. I want to enjoy them, I really do, but something’s not right.

Both of them — “Fever” and “Turn Blue” — are bland and generic, missing the majority of what has made The Black Keys so great in the past. Neither of these songs are bad —  and do get better after multiple listens — but they should cause some worry, as they’re not quite exciting enough to be the first two singles from a great album.

Just as a reminder, the singles from their previous two records included “Howlin’ for You,” “Tighten Up,” and “Little Black Submarine.” So, I’ll let you decide how the new singles measure up.

El Camino and Brothers are generally considered the best albums from The Black Keys collection, and I’m having a hard time predicting where Turn Blue is going to fall in comparison. The presence of Danger Mouse is a little bit too invasive this time around — even though he’s produced albums for the band in the past — and the similarities to Broken Bells are too obvious to ignore.

It’ll be interesting to see how “Turn Blue” will be accepted among the loyal TBK fans, as I’m personally awaiting the return of the notorious gritty blues of their last albums.

You can listen to “Turn Blue” below.

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