Band of Skulls New Album ‘Himalayan’ is Their Best Yet

Band of Skulls New Album ‘Himalayan’ is Their Best Yet

Joe GransingerTuesday,8 April 2014

The Snap:

After wrapping up their tour alongside Queens of the Stone Age and Muse, the British rock group Band of Skulls have released their latest album, Himalayan. The LP features popular singles such as “Nightmares” and “Asleep at the Wheel,” as well as some hidden gems that show them their finest.

You can get Himalayan on iTunes, or stream it via Spotify.

The Download:

Something has happened to Band of Skulls.

Maybe touring with two extremely successful bands has motivated them a bit, or maybe they’ve just matured at an incredible rate since their 2012 album, “Sweet Sour.” I’m not exactly sure what caused the change — nor does it really matter — but their latest offering is a serious improvement over their past work.

Band of Skulls have always produced catchy and fun music — if you want a song stuck in your head all day, see “I Know What I Am” — but the way Himalayan brings the entire band together to create stadium filling rock is fascinating.

It’ll be hard to argue that touring with Muse and Queens of the Stone Age hasn’t affected their style, as they’ve become a lot more rocky and distorted than before. “Asleep at the Wheel” is a perfect example of this, as it utilizes a very Muse-esque riff, and then lays down those signature vocals right on top of it.

Of course, not every song veered away from what Band of Skulls used to be. “I feel like ten men, nine dead and one dying” features a slower pace, cleaner sound and punkier vibe, and the upbeat title track “Himalayan” would fit right into their debut album from 2009.

Key tracks from the album are “Asleep at the Wheel,” “Hoochie Coochie,” “Nightmares,” and “Himalayan.”

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