New Artist: St. Paul and the Broken Bones

New Artist: St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Leigh MichaelSaturday,5 April 2014

The Snap:

“One of the hottest bands out of Birmingham,” “48 of the best things we saw at SXSW,”…

NPR and Rolling Stone agree: St. Paul and the Broken Bones are one of the most talented soul bands to surface in recent times.

And all of this, begun by a man who lead bassist claims “looks like your high school history teacher.”

The Download:

Paul Janeway recalls of his introduction into the music world: “I went to community college, and after a little while I kind of started to be attracted to accounting. … What’s crazy is that I’m about two semesters away from getting my accounting degree, and then this music thing showed up and ruined my life.”

He grew up in a heavily religious family. where hymns and choir were the only two experiences that constituted “music.” Janeway is still a purist by many people’s standards: He doesn’t drink, smoke, do drugs, or even sip on coffee in the morning. But his musical prowess has become fully liberated.

You’ve kind of got to hear it to get it. “Biscuits and Jam,” which you can listen to below, is an ideal example of the band’s ethos. They’re jazzy, they’ve got the horns, they’ve got the gospel vibe… And they’ve rolled it all together into one ball of goodness. “Call Me” is another beauty; in essence, the whole album is a bundle of feel good, repeat worthy goodness.

You can buy Half the City, the band’s February ’14 release, on iTunes or Amazon.

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NPR, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, High Road, Esquire, Image Credit: Flickr

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