RAC Releases Part II of ‘Strangers’ LP

RAC Releases Part II of ‘Strangers’ LP

Joe GransingerFriday,4 April 2014

The Snap:

RAC, the now solo act of master-remixer André Anjos, has released the second part of his latest LP, Strangers. Part one of the album — released last month — produced fantastic singles like “Let Go,” “Tear You Down” and “Hollywood,” while the newest single from part two, “I Should’ve Guessed,” has already climbed to the top of the charts at Hype Machine.

RAC’s Strangers, Pt. II is currently available to download from iTunes, or stream on Spotify.

The Download:

RAC has certainly mastered the art of creating remixes, but producing a solo album is an entirely different animal. However, that hasn’t slowed him down one bit, as his latest LP is an incredibly high-quality record that goes above and beyond anything that he’s done before.

Part one of “Strangers” featured the first solo track to ever be released by RAC — “Hollywood” — and also welcomed guest appearances from Tegan and Sara and Tokyo Police Club. It has seven tracks, most of which are great — although some are a little weird — and it would have created a solid EP by itself.

But, the second part of the album tops it in nearly every way.

The first song to make an appearance from part two was “Ready for it,” a gorgeously poppy track that was made even better by the stunning vocals of St. Lucia. You won’t find a bad song out of the nine tracks featured on part two, but make sure to check out “Cheap Sunglasses,” “405,” and “I Should’ve Guessed.”

Watch the official video for “Hollywood” below.

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