The Black Keys Release “Fever”

The Black Keys Release “Fever”

Leigh MichaelWednesday,26 March 2014

The Snap:

After a nearly three-year hiatus, The Black Keys have finally broken their silence. “Fever,” released on March 24th, was described by Rolling Stone as “a slinking, hypnotic new cut.” The single, which you can listen to below, is a teaser for their eighth studio album, Turn Blue, which is due out May 8th.

You can pre-order the album, headache-inducing cover and all, on the band’s official website.

The Download:

I’m a harsh critic of the Black Keys.

And I’m a harsh critic because I love them — I know what Dan Auerback and Dan Carney are capable of, and it rocks. These are the guys who gave us “Howlin’ for You,” “Chop and Change,” “Lonely Boy,” “Black Submarines,” and seven albums worth of other kick-ass songs. A few years ago, I took a long, winding cross country drive where I almost exclusively listened to The Black Keys. I love them.

“Fever” is good — but this duo isn’t good. They’re awesome, they’re repeat-worthy, and they get under your skin. They remind you of those high school buddies that tinkered with a drum set in their garage and actually made something of it. They’ve got this universal appeal… Essentially everyone that I  know who has listened to them is a fan, and it’s hard not to be. They have this low-key, totally unpretentious, “we just like to jam” vibe that is infectious.

So this single is good — but it isn’t great. It probably won’t make it onto that “top songs” playlist that I have reserved solely for the Black Keys. That being said, it really grew on me after a few listens, so I’d put in the extra four minutes to give it a second try if you aren’t jazzed the first time.

But if I know this band — and, after seven albums, I think we all do — I think that this is just a tiny sampling of what we can expect from Turn Blue. It’s “meh-ness” only serves to make me more excited about what’s hiding in their upcoming album. I can’t wait to find out — are you with me?

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