Video: Franz Ferdinand, “Fresh Strawberries” and “Erdbeer Mund”

Video: Franz Ferdinand, “Fresh Strawberries” and “Erdbeer Mund”

Leigh MichaelFriday,14 March 2014

The Snap:
Scottish indie band Franz Ferdinand recently treated fans to two unique music videos for tracks harvested from 2013’s Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. You can watch the films — each very different from the other — for “Fresh Strawberries” and “Erdbeer Mund” below.

If you haven’t listened to Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action yet, it’s time to amend that pronto. You can buy the album on iTunes or Amazon.

The Download:
I have a funny history with Franz Ferdinand. The band first became known to me when “Take Me Out” debuted, in a time when I (and every other teenager) was toasting myself for calling them my favorite music group. They hailed from that far-off land of Scotland, and it felt pretty special to flaunt my highly refined and cultured tastes for liking a foreign band.

For many, Franz Ferdinand fell off the planet after that explosively popular single debuted. But they’ve continued to produce fantastic music that makes “Take Me Out” feel like child’s play.

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action was a memorable album for many reasons. It was their first record release in four years, which was the longest silence since the band’s three albums/five years ratio that almost felt like too much good stuff too soon. The album is packed with great stuff. “Bullet” is fast-paced and just a little frenzied, offering listeners a glimpse of an 80’s garage band. “Love Illumination” feels like it could stand right alongside “White Wedding” or some other Billy Idol track. But it’s the languorous “Fresh Strawberries” and the futuristic “Erdbeer Mund” that really caught my attention. And — viola! — we’ve been treated to two brand spankin’ new videos that highlight my very favorite tracks. Watch the weirdness below, and prepare to add each song into your playlists immediately.

Take Action!

Hat Tips:

Franz Ferdinand, Pitchfork, Youtube, Image Credit: Flickr

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