Andre 3000 + Jimi Hendrix: Why I Wish I Was at SXSW

Andre 3000 + Jimi Hendrix: Why I Wish I Was at SXSW

Leigh MichaelFriday,7 March 2014

The Snap:

The highly-anticipated and long-awaited Jimi Hendrix biopic is merely a week away from its release… But unless you’re lucky enough to be cruising around SXSW, the wait might be even longer until you see it.

Oh, and did we mention that Andre 3000 is playing the lead? Sold.

Watch the exclusive clip below.

The Download:

Alright all, here’s the spiel. André Benjamin (yes, our favorite Outkast lad) is embodying Jimi Hendrix in a first-ever biopic, All Is By My Side, about the enormously talented musician. And it’s been written and directed by none other than John Ridley, who directed Oscar-winning Best Picture “12 Years A Slave.”

We know Jimi Hendrix as a legend. Covering a year in Hendrix’s life from 1966-67 as an unknown backup guitarist playing New York’s Cheetah Club to making his mark in London’s music scene up until his Monterey Pop triumph, the film presents an intimate portrait of the sensitive young musician on the verge of becoming a rock legend.

The biopic is scheduled to debut on March 12th at SXSW, after which it will be available to the masses.

André Benjamin assures his audience that he was well prepared for the role: “[I] listened to hours of interviews. I watched films – watched his mannerisms.” It clearly paid off; he bears an uncanny resemblance to the original Hendrix, as this and this  interview will prove.

According to Rolling Stone, Ridley gave birth to the biopic a whopping seven years ago when he heard a rare recording of “Sending My Love to Linda.” After hearing the track, Ridley decided to learn more about the title figure; the result is All Is By My Side.

(In case you were dying of curiosity, “Linda” is  one of Keith Richards’ ex-girlfriends who motivated Hendrix to pursue his individualistic aspirations.)

One final fun fact: Jimi Hendrix’s estate wasn’t jazzed about the biopic. So all of the tracks in All Is By My Side will be reinterpretations of the guitarist’s originals. But they promise to be great, because Muddy Waters, the Beatles, the Troggs, and smattering of other artists will be providing the musical accompaniment.

Thoughts? Are you excited to watch All Is By My Side?

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