Why Does Traveling Turn Men Into Sexist Asshats?

Why Does Traveling Turn Men Into Sexist Asshats?

Adrienne BoettingerTuesday,4 March 2014

The Snap:

As we’ve discussed before, traveling can bring out the worst in people. Chatty Kathys rambling on in the adjacent airline seat, oblivious to the fact that you’re wearing noise canceling headphones and pretending to be asleep. Flights delayed because idiots try to cram all their earthly belongings into the overhead compartment. Inconsiderate tourists filming every person, park, monument, tree and molecule they see and then returning home and torturing their loved ones and coworkers with replays of each nanosecond of their trip. Those categories of annoyances are equal opportunity; neither man nor woman is immune from acting like an over-privileged lunatic. However, we need to address what it is about certain travel destinations that turn many male tourists into raging dickheads.

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It’s time to establish a travel advisory for two popular U.S. vacation destinations: New Orleans and Las Vegas. No, there isn’t a Mardi Gras health scare for The Big Easy and no, to the best of our knowledge the norovirus hasn’t turned the Strip into a river of poop. But something just as heinous and just as contagious apparently takes hold of most testicle-owning travelers and turns them into the slimiest human beings on the planet.

Don’t believe us? When was the last time you were in New Orleans or Las Vegas? Go there with a small or large group of women, observe the visiting males in their unnatural habitat and you will be appalled. Walking down Bourbon Street, a woman cannot swing a dead cat without hitting a jackass tourist. Maybe that’s what comes from a town where men feel legally obligated to drunkenly yell at every woman they see to show her boobs for some cheap-ass beads.

And male tourists definitely take that “What Happens in Vegas” crap way too seriously. On a trip there a few years ago, yours truly and one of my besties were propositioned by an insane amount of men who removed their wedding rings as they approached us and thought a drink or a round of Black Jack entitled them to checking out our goods. Puh-lease.

Thankfully, native New Orleanian males (and native men of Las Vegas if there are any) all seemed to be gentlemen or at least not raging assmonkeys.

Sadly, those two cities aren’t alone as the travel industry manages to travel back in time to a more sexist and jackassery-laden era. Dickheads have united to start their own travel service where if you’re attractive and willing to put out, you travel free! British Airways refuses to let female flight attendants wear pants and Virgin Atlantic features commercials where little boys grow up to be engineers and little girls grow up to serve people drinks.

When I Am Queen of Everything all male tourists will be inoculated with anti-asshat medication to prevent them from losing their damn minds once they get into vaycay mode and all female tourists will be provided tasers to take down those male tourists who prove resistant to the vaccination.


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