M83 Releases “I Need You” from Divergent Soundtrack

M83 Releases “I Need You” from Divergent Soundtrack

Joe GransingerMonday,3 March 2014

The Snap:

While ‘Divergent‘ is queued up to be the next teen-focused action-thriller to hit the big screen, the soundtrack is getting the all-star treatment, too. Featuring popular artists like Ellie Goulding, M83, Skrillex, A$AP Rocky, and Tame Impala, the tracklist is more than capable of keeping up with the film.

M83’s addition to the album, “I Need You” — the first single to appear from the soundtrack — is a stunningly beautiful song, and sets the bar extremely high for the rest of the album.

Divergent will be in theaters March 21st, and the soundtrack will be available on March 11th.

The Download:

Divergent’s main demographic is the Hunger Games/Twilight fanbase, and as you’d expect, the soundtrack is aiming for the same crowd.

There’s a lot of diversity within the album – like the collab between Tame Impala and Kendrick Lamar – and you’re almost guaranteed to find a good selection of music here, whether you’re a fan of rock, rap, electronic, or pop.

I Need You” is an incredibly well done track, and has a sound that nearly everyone will enjoy – but then again, everything M83 does is pretty damn enjoyable.

It may be a song that was clearly created with the movie in mind – featuring a slow build up, crooning instruments and a mellow drum beat – but it’s not just “good for a soundtrack”… It’s a good song, period.

You can hear M83’s ‘I Need You’ below.

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