Album Review: Wild Beasts, ‘Present Tense’

Album Review: Wild Beasts, ‘Present Tense’

Leigh MichaelSaturday,1 March 2014

The Snap:

After teasing us with a February 11th release, UK-based Wild Beasts finally debuted Present Tense on U.S. shores. The indie rock band’s fourth full-length album created quite a buzz when they released the trippy single “Wanderlust” back in January.

You can get your hands (virtually or physically) on Present Tense on either iTunes or Amazon.

The Download: 

Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming make a dynamic duo, playing off one another to create a sound that is at once angst-ridden and ironic. They pound each word out like it’s an emotional burden… But you can’t help feeling like they’re both cracking just a little bit of a smile as they do it. This is no better exemplified than in “Sweet Spot,” a pulsing track that spotlights the vocal power of the group (listen to the official audio below). “Daughters,” the langorous follow-up track features much of the same qualities without feeling redundant.

Each track is a treat, and each one is unique. “A Dog’s Life” feels like a grown-up lullaby. “A Simple Beautiful Truth” is a light pop piece with a very subtle hint of  doo-wop in it. It was love at first listen. “Nature Boy” and “Past Perfect” both feel like they belong to a different era, while holding onto a distinctly modern electronica undercurrent.

Wild Beasts have always crafted awesome lyrics. I was first introduced to the band’s material back in 2008, when I heard “Devil’s Crayon,” and I was struck by the band’s exquisite lyrics (they rhymed, and they still rocked). Their talent for songwriting clearly hasn’t lessened, as you’ll experience with each track.

By the way, if you loved “Wanderlust,” then make sure to check out the nifty remixes that Wild Beasts tacked onto the end of Present Tense. “Wanderlust: Factory Floor Remix” is sparse and hypnotic, while “Wanderlust: The Field Remix” feels more romantic and flowery. They’re both a lot of fun, but nothing quite tops the original.

Listen to Present Tense. You’ll get a lot of wear and tear out of this album.

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