Guided By Voices Reunites for “Motivational Jumpsuit”

Guided By Voices Reunites for “Motivational Jumpsuit”

Leigh MichaelMonday,24 February 2014

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Guided by Voices, the band that brought us indie legend Bee Thousand back in 1994, is back at it again. Although the band officially disbanded back in 2004, they reconnect on the reg to produce records together, and Motivational Jumpsuit, released on February 18, is one such production.

This is the band’s fifth reunion album; you can buy it on iTunes or Amazon.

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Let’s face it: Robert Pollard is Guided by Voices. From a bright-eyes kid in a cover band in Dayton, Ohio, to a prolific solo artist, he’s always been churning out music… Sometimes, so quickly that we can’t keep up.

And that’s part of the problem. According to Time, Guided by Voices boasts a library of recordings that quintuple that of the Beatles. Think about what that means for a moment. The Beatles were notoriously prolific – and these folks overshadowed their ability to produce by 5x?!

Guided By Voices is overwhelming, because there’s simply too much material to listen to properly. Motivational Jumpsuit seems to address that issue, offering a sampling of the many musical hats that the group has worn throughout the years. “Planet Score” has that garage band vibe that instantly transports you back to the 90’s, and the (Funny or Die music video that accompanies it is a hilarious addition). “Alex and the Oranges” feels like it fits into the Pearl Jam-esque hard rock ethos. “Shine/Tomahawk Breath” is refreshingly poignant, the mellow approach standing in stark contrast to most of the other tracks. The group livens things up with “Littlest League Possible,” an upbeat track that is balanced by its moving lyrics.

Motivational Jumpsuit is a mixed bag, but that’s part of what makes it so great. It’s like one, long (20 tracks comprise the album) mixtape, all of the songs created by the same artist.

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