App Review: SimpleDeal

App Review: SimpleDeal

Leigh DowFriday,21 February 2014

The Snap:

Recently SimpleDeal has launched a restaurant deals mobile app, SimpleDeal. This app is said to be able to revolutionize local dining experiences around the US. Currently the SimpleDeal app is only available for iOS devices for Long Beach, California residents. However, the app will be available for Android users very soon. Before you know it, the app will be available to many other US cities outside of Southern California. The company SimpleDeal is looking to change the way people dine today by building more modern habits for even the least tech-savvy users.

The Download:

SimpleDeal has been out for about a week now, but SimpleDeal is already looking at different ways to help the app progress for users before launching it in other cities. Here is some information based on my experience using the app:

1. The “log in” hassle is non-existent. The majority of apps — no matter what kind of app it is — demand some information to sign you up for an account. SimpleDeal has jumped over this hill by immediately allowing you to use the app right after downloading it. As of yet, there is no sharing of your email address and hoping the app doesn’t send you daily emails.

2. You immediately are notified of a restaurant deal. With one tap the app shows me a picture of the restaurant, and any deals they have going on. There is no fuss or confusion when it comes to using this.

3. Point and go! There’s no need to input your location or type up an address. All you have to do is simply point your phone towards the restaurant you’re seeking a deal for and tap on the screen. Then the app will let you know if the restaurant has any deals or offers. If not it will suggest any nearby restaurants that have offers you can take advantage of.

4. See the menu, waiting time, business hours, and more. With the tap of a finger you have endless amounts of information about your chosen destination. The app lets you take a closer look at the restaurant’s menu while also allowing you to view if the restaurant has a wait time, what time it closes, a phone number, and an address to give to friends who may be meeting you at the location in one shot.

5. Star any of your favorite restaurants to pop up. Even though you have no log in information, the app will keep track of any of your favorite restaurants for easy future access just by you marking them as favorites. This will definitely come in handy when trying to recommend a place, or if you want to check for new deals from your favorites.

6. Even the technologically-challenged can use this. We all have those relatives and friends that get themselves complicated phones where you must instruct them on how to use it step-by-step for everything. There’s no doubt that SimpleDeal will be very easy for them to use. The most a user ever has to do is tap on the screen; anyone can handle that. There’s no effort of figuring out how to use this app.

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